On the Camino de Santiago

Fat, unfit and fifty

A personal account of the pilgrimage,

un peregrinaje verdaderamente penitencial


My ambition to undertake the pilgrimage to Santiago was an idea that slowly developed over a period of about ten years and my opportunity of an open-ended period of time came in the spring of 2005. My route started on the Camino Aragonés at Canfranc Estación, joining with the Camino francés at Puente La Reina in Navarra.

This diary is based on the emails I sent to my friends and family whilst walking the Camino during May and June of 2005. I have edited and proof read the emails adding some additional descriptions based on notes scribbled on my guide, which I had often sent home to myself before I reached an internet cafe. So some details, incidents and place names, which I didn't readily to hand and so were missing from my original emails have been added. But I have tried to keep the general feel of the emails and I've kept to the original subdivisions, so it is divided into ten uneven parts and part 6, which disappeared into the ether and never reached anyone, has been rewritten after I returned home.

My intention is to have a record for myself and also for friends and family, which I hope provides a feel for the experience.

I can be reached by email if you have any comments.